Sweata weather is in full swing and that means your skin is more susceptible to dehydration…Think fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches, redness, flaking and sensitivity – no thanks! Here are some of our favorite products we lean on to keep our skin bright, plump and hydrated during the winter months: 

Mandelic Acid 5+ Re-texturizing Pads to Exfoliate

Giving your skin a light peel works wonders for brightening the face and keeping a healthy amount of oil on the skin. These pads are a cureall for almost any skin woe including minimizing pores, brightening the complexion, reducing fine lines, battling blemishes and killing acne-causing bacteria at the source. 

Vitamin C-20+ High Potency Anti-oxidant & Brightening Serum to Brighten

No one likes a dull complexion. We refer to this supercharged product as our personal fountain of youth. This product is a must for brightening dull, lifeless skin, reducing dark spots, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. 

Lactic Acid 12+ Body Smoothing Lotion to Repair

The holy grail of products for your body. Our Lactic Acid 12+ Body Smoothing Lotion works as an anti-aging treatment for your whole body by stimulating cellular regeneration to hydrate and soften rough, bumpy or chapped skin.

Get Glowing Antioxidant Renewal Deep Hydration Mask for Hydration

Last but definitely not least, our favorite deep hydration mask. Dry skin can be the cause of so many types of skin concerns, so keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is essential. This antioxidant-infused mask has hyaluronic acid to improve your skin’s texture, plumpness, elasticity and firmness due to its deeply hydrating properties! 


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