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acne treatments

The exact course of each acne therapy treatment relies heavily on the needs of your skin at the time of the appointment.

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skin care treatments

Olga’s facials and customized rejuvenation services restore glow to skin after even just the first session.

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our products

beyond complexion crafts products to transform skin, remedying even the most serious concerns—acne, aging and hyperpigmentation.

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Mandelic Acid 5+ Re-texturizing Pads

$ 63.00

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10% BPO Cleanser + Scrub – Micronized

$ 37.00

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Mandelic Acid 5+ Cleanser with Green Tea Antioxidant

$ 36.00

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beyond complexion Skin Clinic

Olga Valencia Founder

Ms. Valencia sees patients at the beyond complexion skin clinic. Set your appointment now. Located in the Flores Dermatology offices in Coral Gables and Doral, Olga has the enthusiastic support of Dr. Javier Flores and his team.

About Olga

Patients Testimonials

beyond complexion will work wonders for your skin…but don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients love about our products and treatments.


I have been using the Beyond Complexion line of products for over 2 years. To say the products are excellent is an understament, my skin has dramatically improved.


Olga provides a level of service I have never experienced in the past 30 years here in Miami. She takes the time to understand your problems and skin issues and she provides the products and procedures that produce results. I have been a client of Olga for over four years and I have seen the texture and appearance of my skin improve dramatically. I receive compliments on my skin from my husband, friends, mother and even my dermatologist. Olga keeps my skin looking its best! I consider myself a life time client!

I. C.

My experience with Olga has been amazing and I have nothing but gratitude for her and what she´s been able to do for my skin. I love been seeing Olga for almost two years now and my skin has been under control with little to no breakouts throughout the year. The products and regiment she has placed me on have helped with controlling my acne and reducing the scarring. The products she uses and her knowledge of what works for each skin type is amazing; it also helps that she genuinely wants the best for you and makes you a priority when you are in a skin crisis. I haven´t felt more confident and in more control of my skin since I met Olga.

K. S.

Olga professionalism and knowledge of skin keeps me coming back for more. My skin has had a drastic improvement since I began coming to her for my facials.

M. C.

I have been using beyond complexion Mandelic 5+ Green Tea Cleanser, Re­texturizing pads, Vitamin C­20+ serum, Intensive Eye Complex and Vitamin C Sheer Defense SPF 30 for just two weeks and already almost every blackhead has disappeared. These were persistent clogged pores that no other product had helped. Now my skin is clear and glowing. Even my forehead, which had been a bit ragged, now looks refreshed.

R. G.

Very happy with the services provided. Staff is knowledgeable of skin care regimens and skin products.

Extremely professional and will not disappoint.

S. A.

I have been seeing Olga for over 2 years now and could not be happier with my results! Throughout this time, she has developed a successful regiment for me. At first, the routine included a couple of products and later she was able to determine which products worked specifically for my skin and recommended additional products to continue repairing and brightening my skin. I would recommend her services and these products to anyone!


I would like to give a special thanks to the person who have changed my life for the better, about two years ago I met Olga when I first met her I had bad acne and lots of darks spots. Olga started treatment on me and wow I started seeing results in about a month and now I am happy to say I am acne free and my skin has never felt better. I would also like to say I have tied coolsculpting I am a mother of 3 children and of course after having babies your body isn’t the same. I did coolsculpting on my chin and on my abdomen and the results are phenomenal I would have never thought I would look and feel this amazing as a do now.

Thanks to my acne treatment and to coolsculpting


Olga has been my supervisor, my colleague, my skin care specialist, my makeup artist and my best friend for the past 5 years. I’ve trusted her with my skin for so long I can’t imagine seeing anyone else or using any other products. Her years of training with a well renowned dermatologist makes her an incredible esthetician. Her products can be used for variety of skin types and her product quality is honestly top notch. She truly cares about her clients and she is always willing to help. I’ve recommended her to my friends and they have had incredible results themselves Thank you for everything Olga, especially for helping me regain enough confidence to leave my house without makeup!


I’m in my early thirties and I still have acne but my skin is very sensitive, so other products were really harsh on my skin. Ever since I started using the Benzoyl Peroxide 10% I don’t have outbreaks and it’s perfect for my sensitive skin. I recommend products from this line to all my friends and family.


I have used the products for several years and they are of excellent quality, and very potent and will last you many months as only very little is needed To be effective. The attention from the professionals behind the products is second to none. My favorite product is the mandelic pads, I will never go without them, they have powerful medication that is able to even keep hormonal comedone whiteheads under control, they also help tremendously with the texture of old acne scar, which is very difficult to accomplish without expensive peels. I would highly recommend any of their products for their potency and effectiveness.


I have received care for my acne from Olga for five years. No dermatologist was able to get my acne under control, but her combination of unique products and extraction methods have consistently succeeded in quelling my acne flare ups. Whenever I notice a break out, it is usually because I realize I have not been using the Beyond Complexion products regularly or have not been in for treatment recently. I constantly get compliments from my skin from people who have seen me before going to Olga for treatment. Not only is my skin clear now, but I have no residual acne scarring from the fairly severe breakouts I have had in the past. Also, not only is the care outstanding, but her bedside manner is phenomenal. She makes you as excited as possible to go get medical extractions! Olga takes the time to get to know you and your skin at a levelthat no other specialist would. There is no better person and no better products out

there to treat acne!


Despite years of struggling with acne, my skin was and always is its very best under the care of Beyond Complexion. With so many products and procedures out there, it’s hard to know what is what, especially when you are always being sold something new. The line is acne-safe but feels luxurious and not medical like many acne fighting products. They work to keep skin clear without over drying, and healthy without too much fuss. My favorite product is the moisturizing sunscreen. It’s light-weigh and hydrates and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. Your skin will never be the same, Beyond Complexion is addictive- you will never need anything else!


Welcome to the world of Beyond Complexion, the land of top-notch skin care. Since using Beyond Complexion’s products, specifically moisturizers, acne washes, and facial cleansers, my skin has improved twofold. Say goodbye to all those Neutrogena and other drugstore products that leave you with poor results and making you want more for your money. If your goal is to have brighter skin, look no further than Beyond Complexion. If your goal is to have clearer skin, look no further than Beyond Complexion. If your goal is to look younger, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN BEYOND COMPLEXION. I can’t say it enough how these products are worth every cent. But what’s a good product without good service? That’s where Beyond Complexion comes in and leaves the competition in the dust. Olga is there with you every step of the way, from an initial consultation all the way through the rest of your journey to brighter, clearer skin. That all being said, do your skin a favor and make an appointment, get rid of those big brand products and make an investment in Beyond Complexion…you won’t regret it!

beyond complexion

beyond complexion skin clinic specializes in medical-grade skin care. Treatments are designed to create significant, positive changes in the appearance and health of the skin– from acne to discoloration to the telltale signs of aging


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