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founder, beyond complexion skin clinic

Olga Valencia

when you change how someone looks, you change how they look at themselves.”
Olga Valencia

Olga Valencia created the beyond complexion skin clinic because she wanted to help anyone suffering from skin problems. Using knowledge, training and skills developed over 15 years working in the cosmetology industry, Olga specializes in treating the most severe skin issues.

you never know what they’re battling inside.

More than just a topical fix, Olga’s treatments go deep below the surface. Not just because she uses deep-penetrating skin solutions that alleviate the effects of acne and aging (which she does!), but because she understands the complex emotional issues at play when our outer appearance doesn’t match our inner glow.

nothing about Olga is surface level — from her facials to her training.

A perfectionist, Ms. Valencia prides herself on getting to the root cause of any imbalance on the epidermis of her patients. Licensed as a cosmetologist with specialized training to become a medical aesthetician, Olga is licensed to use– and is experienced with– medical-grade products for patients suffering from significant and deep-rooted skin issues. Having studied both cosmetology and business, Olga brings a wealth of experience to serve her patients’ needs.

While her educational path presented her with many career options, medical aesthetics brought Olga’s love of helping others together with aesthetic perfectionism in perfect sync.

learning from the best.

Working under skincare luminary Dr. James Fulton, Jr. M.D., co-developer of Retin-A® and Panoxil®, Olga found a friend and mentor. She spent years under his tutelage and started mastering the most difficult treatments right away. (That’s TCA peels, if you’re wondering.)

Continuing to learn and train under Dr. Fulton, Olga quickly started teaching medical professionals about a variety of acne solutions and skincare basics, such as: best acids to treat problematic skin, the importance of pH, and ingredients detrimental to pore health. She also co-authored and published two papers in peer-reviewed journals: the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery.

what she taught medical professionals and aestheticians throughout the U.S., she now teaches her patients. 

A natural teacher and coach, Olga soon realized how much she liked working one-on-one, teaching her own clients how to tackle their most severe skin issues, and guiding them through lifestyle changes to create dynamic physical improvements.

Ms. Valencia is more than a skin expert; she’s an advocate, helping her clients transform the health and appearance of their body’s largest organ.

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healthy and beautiful skin today, tomorrow, and beyond.

As an acne expert, Olga treats clients with severe lesions. She understands intimately the causes and contributing factors of this affliction, and is dedicated to transforming skin. Not only does Olga provide real solutions, but also a true concern for the emotional and physical wellbeing of anyone in her care.

a 360-degree treatment plan creates 360-degree results. 

beyond complexion’s services don’t end in the clinic. Each session is customized based on the status of skin that day, and is paired with a personalized at-home regimen. Because oil production and the build-up of dead skin doesn’t stop, neither should the care of our skin.

As Ms. Valencia says,

the skin never stops, why would you?

Olga’s clients are always in her care. 

Whether in the clinic or at home, Olga provides clients with access for continued guidance on how to create a lifestyle that supports better skin. Her coaching covers healthcare and self-care tactics to help transform their appearance, and often, overall wellbeing.

“i LOVE teaching. i love taking care of people.” ~ Olga Valencia

Seeing astonishing results in clients is one of the most rewarding parts of Olga’s job. Another is knowing that her patients develop more confidence as a result of their improved appearance. While confidence is more than skin deep, major skin issues on the surface affect how we view ourselves deep down.

Olga wants to help your skin, and to help you see yourself in a whole new, beautiful way.

If acne, hyper pigmentation or the wear and tear of age is effecting how you feel about yourself, let Olga get you glowing again. And if your skin has never been of the glow-y sort, then isn’t it about time?

Ms. Valencia sees patients at the beyond complexion skin clinic. Set your appointment now.

Located in the Flores Dermatology offices in Coral Gables and Doral, Olga has the enthusiastic support of Dr. Javier Flores and his team. She also formulates her own skincare products that target acne, discoloration and aging, available at both Flores Dermatology locations and online.

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