It’s Time You Take Control.

Get clear, beautiful skin.

So, it turns out, acne is actually a disease. Yep, just like any other health condition, acne is sometimes just something you’re born with in your genes (thanks a lot mom and dad!) You’re also not in the clear just because you’ve graduated high school – the acne disease affects teens and adults. Here’s what’s great about knowing this though, it means, you can take control of it. Just like any other health condition that you would go to the doctor and get medicine for, your acne can be helped in the same way. Being knowledgeable about your condition, watching how and when it gets better and worse and using products that combat the issues gives you the BEST defense against acne and the BEST path to clear, beautiful skin.

Guess what else we suggest you put in your arsenal? Seeking help! Seeing a professional who can look at your skin, see what your issues are and prescribe you the medicine you need is KEY to success. Don’t just peruse the drug store aisle hoping the next cleanser you pick out is the one that works. See someone who has studied skin and knows what will work, what won’t and what to not waste your time and money on.

beyond complexion was founded to help people suffering from deep-rooted skin issues. Our medical-grade products are developed to go below the surface of your skin so your outer appearance can match your inner glow. Take control of your skin today and book an appointment with beyond complexion founder, Olga Valencia, or see below for the products we suggest to start getting clearer skin.


BPO Cleanser10% BPO Cleanser + Scrub
Our superhero cleanser uses a non-irritating form of benzoyl peroxide that clears acne-causing bacteria on contact and prevents future breakouts. This potent cleanser penetrates pores quickly and more effectively than standard benzoyl peroxide products and the irritation-free scrub will gently remove bacteria, dirt, and dead cells to clear acne, fast.




Mandelic Acid 5+ Re-texturizing Pads
Derived from almonds, Mandelic acid is a powerful acid that (gently) goes to battle with the oil, acne, and bacteria that disrupts the skin’s natural glow. The pads themselves provide a slight exfoliation, dislodging dead skin cells to allow this potent formula to get down to business loosening clogged pores while boosting cell regeneration and skin elasticity.





Vitamin A+ Exfoliating Therapy with Lactic Acid
High-potency vitamin A works synergistically with lactic acid to deliver maximum cellular turnover and loosened acne impactions with minimal irritation. This concentrated formula of Vitamin A propionate and lactic acid clears acne, rejuvenates skin and delivers clearer tone and texture.

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