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At the beyond complexion skin clinic, beyond complexion founder, Olga Valencia, designs a personalized protocol for your needs. As an acne therapist, she specializes in the most significant skin issues, guiding her clients to improved skin and transformative results.
A perfectionist, Ms. Valencia prides herself on getting to the root cause of any epidermal imbalance.
And we mean any imbalance. Bottom bumpy with acne? Cheeks scared from cystic spots? Bikini line darker than you’d like? Blackheads on the back? Sun-spoiled décolletage? Smile lines making you frown? Hard-core acne that makes you want to run and hide? Or all of the above?

If any of the above sounds familiar, contact beyond complexion to set up a consultation.

areas of expertise

Services at the beyond complexion skin clinic focus on Acne Therapy, Skin Rejuvenation and Discoloration.

what is skin rejuvenation?

While a facial every five weeks appears to be a luxury — and, yes, it is — it’s also a process that sets your skin up for transformation.

It may feel luxurious, but this is also a necessity for our ever-aging skin. Regular care is needed to counter the effects of sun, age and toxins in our environment.

Have you ever found yourself jealous of a baby’s skin? Well sure, who isn’t? One look at plump, smooth, clear skin makes us that much more aware of how ragged, scarred, dry or discolored our skin may appear.

There’s a good reason our skin is different. Aside from being on earth and exposed to the harsh elements for years— and years and years— our skin doesn’t renew like it used to. A newborn’s epidermis renews every 28 days. Gradually, the cycle slows to 60 to 90 days or more.

And while waiting for the cells to renew, our skin becomes a prime example of what the accumulation of dead skin cells looks like.

That’s why products designed for exfoliation and cellular turnover are powerful allies in the quest for healthy, clear and more youthful-looking skin.

Exfoliation is necessary. Not only does this sweep away layers of dead skin cells (that exaggerate the look of wrinkles), but the act of scrubbing during exfoliation also stimulates collagen production, which helps revive worn out skin.

Facials and customized rejuvenation services restore glow to skin after even just the first session, and exponentially enhance the look and feel each session thereafter.

Plan for these services two weeks before major events. Your skin will be glowing and ready for its close up!

Have a last minute event pop up? Not to worry! Olga can create a solution for your big event. Just let her know your timeline, and she’ll get you glowing.


Discoloration of the skin is known by many names: brown spots, sunspots, melasma, or hyperpigmentation.

what is hyperpigmentation?

Dark areas of skin caused by increased melanin can appear on the face during pregnancy or as sun spots speckled throughout our bodies. Physically harmless, but aesthetically a nuisance. Both medical-grade peels and the Dermafile treatment are helpful in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Those who are familiar with this issue may already be aware that there is a 50% chance of the spots returning after treatment. Olga does a deep dive into each affected area, and designs approach to attempt to alleviate the discoloration long-term.

what is melasma?

Melasma is discoloration as a result of hormonal changes. The spots get darker at different times of month.

what are sunspots?

Sunspots and liver spots are brown spots causes by sun exposure.

discoloration treatments also include bikini bleaching, and lightening for various spots all over the body.

beyond complexion’s in-clinic treatments are effective in the treatment of any type of discoloration or hyperpigmentation, but a good homecare regime will increase the effectiveness because continued, regular treatment is the best way to keep the spots at bay.

Home skincare treatments are also helpful for clients who live far away and find it difficult to attend appointments every two weeks, which is recommended for effective discoloration treatments. Treatments at home are also an affordable way to effectively treat this persistent skin issue.

beyond complexion

beyond complexion skin clinic specializes in medical-grade skin care. Treatments are designed to create significant, positive changes in the appearance and health of the skin– from acne to discoloration to the telltale signs of aging


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