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Get Younger, Brighter Skin with this Serum

Get Younger, Brighter Skin with this Serum

March 5, 2019 by beyond complexion1

Always Look on the Bright Side…
Aging, dull skin is never fun 🙁 That is why we want you to look on the bright side – of your skin that is! Getting youthful, bright and beautiful skin has never been easier with our Vitamin C-20+ High Potency Serum. 

Our Vitamin C-20+ Serum is a high potency anti-oxidant and brightening serum. It’s got everything to bring back a youthful glow—vitamin C, l-ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, phytic acid, and vitamin E—all packed into one convenient serum.  This combo gets those skin cells moving creating new, fresh cells, and leaving skin looking refreshed with fewer fine lines, sun spots, and scars. 

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