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we thank you for being a part of the beyond complexion family. To show our thanks, we created a loyalty program so you are rewarded for every service you book and product you buy. You even earn points for referring a friend and your birthday. It’s that simple!

how it works: For every 2000 points you accumulate on your account, you earn $1!

2.500 pts

first-time service

receive 2,500 points for your first service at beyond complexion.

1.500 pts

pre-book at check out (first time)

receive 1,500 points if you book your next appointment at check out.

1.000 pts

pre-book at checkout

receive 1,000 points if you book your next appointment at the time of checkout.

2.000 pts

create online account

create an account with the beyondcomplexion.com online booking system and receive 2,000 points.

2.000 pts

book services online

earn 2,000 points when you book a reservation on beyondcomplexion.com.

earn 3,000 each time!

book online and checkout

question- how is this different from “book services online”, above?

10.000 pts

customer referrals

receive 10,000 points for each customer you refer to beyond complexion.

5.000 pts


be sure to give us your birthday! when you do, each year we’ll credit your account with 5,000 points.

8.000 pts


get 8,000 points on the anniversary of your first beyond complexion appointment!

healthy skin takes commitment,

start now!

beyond complexion

beyond complexion skin clinic specializes in medical-grade skin care. Treatments are designed to create significant, positive changes in the appearance and health of the skin– from acne to discoloration to the telltale signs of aging


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