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At the beyond complexion skin clinic, beyond complexion founder, Olga Valencia, designs a personalized protocol for your needs. As an acne therapist, she specializes in the most significant skin issues, guiding her clients to improved skin and transformative results.

A perfectionist, Ms. Valencia prides herself on getting to the root cause of any epidermal imbalance. And we mean any imbalance. Bottom bumpy with acne? Cheeks scared from cystic spots? Bikini line darker than you’d like? Blackheads on the back? Sun-spoiled décolletage? Smile lines making you frown? Hard-core acne that makes you want to run and hide? Or all of the above?

If any of the above sounds familiar, contact beyond complexion to set up a consultation.

areas of expertise

Services at the beyond complexion skin clinic focus on Acne Therapy, Skin Rejuvenation and Discoloration.

what is acne therapy?

Custom treatments designed to clear the most clogged, impacted pores anywhere on the body. Using mix of medical-grade peels and medical extractions, Ms. Valencia evaluates and treats every inch of the problem area, be it the face, back or buttocks.

Acne therapy treatments include:

✔ in-depth patient diagnostic

✔ 60-90 minute Therapeutic Acne Treatment, using a mix of:

mild medical grade peels

medical extractions

beyond complexion

skin clinic treats all grades of acne:

  • stage 1
  • stage 2
  • stage 3
  • stage 4
  • stage 5
stage 1

Clogged pores, blackheads

When pores get clogged with dead skin, excess oil and environmental debris, and are then exposed to the air, they become oxidized and create those black specks on the skin.

stage 2


Similar to blackheads, the hair follicle has been clogged with dead skin and oil, but in this case the surface is closed and the debris is white underneath.

stage 3


Papules are clogged pores further beneath the surface that cause redness and swelling.

stage 4


Similar to papules, except for the addition of whitish or yellow pus.

stage 5

Severe acne, including cystic acne

When a follicle bursts below the surface it creates a nodule or a cyst. Cystic acne may bleed at night and be so inflamed that the skin is red and swollen overall. Over-the-counter topical products are not able to treat issues this far beneath the surface. Professional help is needed.

what about


While Accutane is a solution for some acne issues, it should only be used for extreme, extreme cases. Its harsh side effects should be evaluated and taken into consideration. And even with this severe treatment, there is a 50% chance of acne returning.
Olga is trained and experienced to treat to most severe acne issues, and has a multitude of proven treatments available with much fewer, and less harsh, side effects.

For patients who do use Accutane in their course of healing, Olga supports their needs through pore-clearing treatments and skin calming products. The first month of Accutane draws bacteria to the skin surface, often causing more lesions and intensifying existing ones. Olga’s therapeutic acne treatments clear pores to alleviate this distressing situation. Since Accutane slows the skin’s ability to heal, it is very easy for scarring to occur, and any aesthetic treatments during this time must be with a professional who can care for the skin in this sensitive state. Book treatments prior to starting Accutane and during the first month.

Since Accutane is known for drying the skin, beyond complexion offers specific products that support the skin during this process– without over drying or re-clogging the pores. An at-home regimen is one of the simplest ways to care for skin while undergoing Accutane treatments.

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beyond complexion

beyond complexion skin clinic specializes in medical-grade skin care. Treatments are designed to create significant, positive changes in the appearance and health of the skin– from acne to discoloration to the telltale signs of aging


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